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Top 10 Wedding Videographers in Raleigh, NC (2021)

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

At Single Story Film we have been working for more than 8 years to make the dream of many couples come true and be part of their lives as their wedding videographer and we have done our job so well that we recently realized that we were in the top 10 of the best wedding videographers in Raleigh NC.

It was honestly a surprise that the Wedding Rule team considered us on their list. That is why they needed to create this post to show you that by choosing us, you are choosing one of the best.

best wedding videographers _ single story film _ raleigh nc
Patrick and Leigha - Walnut Hill - Raleigh, NC

And why are we the best?

We consider weddings more than just a day, it's a beginning of a lifetime commitment and we are both so thankful to be able to do what we do. We can't thank enough our clients for trusting us and let us capture that beginning with a creative, unique film that will take them back to their special day every time they sit to watch.

And what do you get when you hire us?

Well then... We have several packages and options for you to choose the one that best suits your possibilities, even from when they get engaged until they reach the altar.

Affordable prices!

At Single Story Film we have prices that range from $1,500 to less than $4,000 with very convenient plans and special prices in case you are looking for something more specific. The Wedding package has:

- 2 Filmmakers

- 2 4K video cameras

- 4k Drone - aerial videography

- 1 Hard Drive

- 8 Hours of coverage

- 1 Minute teaser film

- 4-5 Minutes highlight film

- Entire wedding RAW footage

We strive to do a good job always

To find the videographer of your dreams, count on us and let us be part of that special day by filling out this form. Stop searching for "Best Wedding Videographers", we are your best option in Raleigh NC.

Look no further than "top wedding videographers or best wedding videographers"

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